Swedish massage (English course)


Swedish massage

The Swedish massage might be the most famous massage treatment in the world. This massage, also known as the classic massage, is characterized by delicious stroking, kneading and rhythmic tapping and shaking of the muscles. The Swedish massage with anatomy course focuses on learning these Swedish massage techniques for the back, legs and arms. In addition to practical skills, you will learn the basics of anatomy. For example, the naming and location of the relevant muscles is also discussed. The Swedish massage training is the basis of every professional masseur.

Content of the training

By following this training you will make a start with your massage training and afterwards you will be able to massage the entire body according to the classic Swedish massage techniques. In addition, you will learn the anatomy of the superficial muscles, bones and movements in Latin. It is the basis to be able to participate in all follow-up courses within MOOD massage.

The following topics are covered in the Swedish massage training:

  • Anatomical knowledge regarding the naming and location of the relevant muscles and bones.
  • Knowledge of the name of movements in Latin.
  • Knowledge of anatomical terms.
  • Practical massage skills according to the structure of the classic Swedish massage.
  • Perform Swedish massage.
  • Taking anamnesis (intake)
  • Contraindications (when not to massage)
  • Use of the different types of oil
  • Working position on the massage table
  • Guidance of the client
  • Hygiene in practice

For whom is the training intended

This training is aimed at people who would like to be able to massage the entire body in a professional manner, and also want to gain knowledge about the name and location of the superficial muscles.

Study duration & tuition

The training contains 6 days of lessons from 10.00 am to +/- 3.30 pm.
or 8 evening classes from 7:00 pm to +/- 10:15 pm.
The training can be followed at all locations of MOOD massage training.
The training starts several times a year.
The study load is approximately 6 hours per week.

The costs for the Swedish massage training are €600 (vocational training exempt from VAT).
If you want to make use of the option to pay in installments, please indicate this when you register.
It is possible to pay for the course in 2 equal installments of €322.50.

The training includes the teaching material and extra online theory explanation.


The classic massage module is eligible for the STAP budget.
Check here which start dates are available for the upcoming registration period.

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Previous education/entry requirements

For the training Swedish massage we ask:

  • An MBO working and thinking level
  • Minimum age 18 years


The training is assessed by means of:

  • Knowledge test of 45 multiple choice questions.
  • Practice test
  • Class attendance of at least 80 percent

After successfully completing the above steps you will receive the certificate of Swedish massage (with anatomy)


The course is recognized by the following professional associations:
| CAT | 4.95 SP

Click here for the complete overview of credits!


After successfully completing the training Swedish massage with anatomy, you have a full-fledged massage training in your hands. The training is incredibly fun to follow, you have a broad basic knowledge of Swedish massage and you are able to responsibly give a relaxing and extensive massage. You can get started right away. For example, you can already start your own massage practice.

Sign up or interested?

Sign up here for the Swedish massage course. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk to you.

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to start immediately, you can register. If you first want to see if massaging is something for you, try our leren masseren course first.

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